Sidrat Research works with partners to advance the bounds of scientific knowledge by providing innovative research and related services.

Our Story

Throughout our time in science, we've seen how every research endeavour requires many distributed efforts, from choosing your tools, to building your team and infrastructure, to disseminating your results, all while pushing the envelope in your field.

We've seen how adopting new approaches can accelerate discovery, but in the thick of the project, it's hard to see what's worth the costs of adoption. We wanted to build a way for scientists to embrace cutting edge practices that work for them.

With this aim, Sidrat Research was born. At Sidrat Research, we want to find the best practices, technologies, and techniques that work for your team and get you to your next discovery.

Research requires handling a little bit of everything.

We are here to help you make that happen.
Our Founder

Mubdi Rahman, PhD

Principal, Astronomer

Mubdi Rahman is the Founder and Principal of Sidrat Research. Mubdi is an Astronomer with a deep background in research, computing, management, and outreach. Originally hailing from Toronto, Mubdi has served as a Research Associate at the Dunlap Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics, and an Assistant Research Scientist at the Johns Hopkins University.

Mubdi is known for taking a creative approach towards scientific and research problems, using techniques from a breadth of fields to find unique solutions. His curiosity has pushed his diverse research background, spanning star formation to cosmology. Outside his research, he has been a leading voice in STEM community outreach, having led initiatives at Youth Science Canada, and Science Rendezvous.

Mubdi holds a PhD in Astronomy and Astrophysics from the University of Toronto. Mubdi also serves as a Scientific Editor for the American Astronomical Society Journals.

Where does the name "Sidrat" come from?

The name of Sidrat Research comes from the Arabic term "Sidrat al-Muntaha" which can be roughly translated as the "Lote Tree of the Furthest Extent". In Islamic iconography, the Sidrat al-Muntaha is the symbolic tree demarking the bounds of the universe and the edge of the heavens.

In the classical era of Islamic Science, the term Sidrat al-Muntaha was used as shorthand for the study of all that extended the bounds of the Universe, or cosmology as a whole. This includes the name of a classical work "Sidrat muntaha al-afkar fi malakut al-falak al-dawwar" by 16th century astronomer Taqi al-Din, amongst the most influential scientific texts of the time.

At Sidrat Research, we embody this spirit as we aspire to help push the boundaries of scientific knowledge towards the furthest extent of the Universe.