Sidrat Research maintains an active research programme to help find the best solutions for you and to push the boundaries of science

The Evolution of Stars and Galaxies

Sidrat Research is engaged in pushing the boundaries of our knowledge of the formation of stars and evolution and galaxies. Using a combination of telescope observations and computer simulations, we are helping understand the physics and processes that lead gas to turn into stars and galaxies to grow.

Uncovering the Mysteries of Astrophysical Radio Transients

The radio sky is an ever changing realm that can help us understand some of the most mysterious phenomena in the Universe. Its rapid changes make it a challenge to measure, producing volumes of data that require rapid classification and processing. These include the phenomena of fast radio bursts, providing a hint to what may be some of the most energetic phenomena in the Cosmos. At Sidrat Research, we are helping build the instruments that are uncovering this mystery.

Visualizing the Cosmos

With the volumes of data being produced by modern astronomical surveys, uncovering complexity within these datasets brings new challenges. At Sidrat Research, we are developing new tools and techniques to visualize large amounts of data to help find the mysteries inside.