Our Services

Being on the cutting edge means tackling a little bit of everything. We provide full service support for scientific endeavours, and will craft tailored solutions attuned to your technical requirements, timeline, team size, composition, and budget. We can deliver solutions in-house or work with our partners to match the scale you need.

Technology Integration

We find the most effective tools, techniques, and infrastructure from both academia and industry and help you leverage them efficiently in your own research. Solutions we provide include:

Technology Evaluation:
We find and assess new technologies against your technical requirements and the risks of adoption
Infrastructure Design:
We develop an infrastructure design and procurement plans to match your technical, staffing, and budget requirements
Development Services:
We work with your team to offload development tasks, or to develop full custom applications or pipelines

Data Flow and Management

We can help you manage the base currency of science: data. Our solutions include:

Data Planning:
We work with your team to identify necessary data resources, pipelines, and analyses that are required for your project to ensure you reach your scientific goals
Data Model Development:
We provide solutions to organize and document your data to ensure its compliance and accessibility
Data Dissemination:
We develop solutions to make your data available to your team and the broader community


Visualization is a critical tool for how we conduct science and how we communicate it. We can help:

Real-Time Visualization Frameworks:
We develop custom solutions to aid in real-time data assessment and analysis
Project Visualization Guidelines:
We develop standards and style guides for visualizations for your project or your collaboration to ease communication and project branding
Production-Ready Visualizations:
We produce technical and public visualizations for diverse audiences.
Data Storytelling:
We provide solutions that engage a broader audience in understanding your data and the underlying science behind it

Project Management and Team Development

We can help manage your research endeavour in an agile fashion, developing the right framework for the size and complexity of your project. We can provide:

Pre-proposal Assistance:
We help determine staffing, resource, timeline, and budget estimates in aid of funding proposals Management
Framework Development:
We develop an agile framework that works for you and your team that produces results but provides the flexibility needed in research
Team Engagement and Planning:
We help organize your team, balancing the diverse requirements of individual members and career stages
Publication Planning:
We help you identify and push forward a planned publication path

Training and Curriculum Development

We develop and deliver tailored hands-on technical or project training to get your research group or department research-ready from day one.

Industry Partnerships and Commercialization

We help bridge academia and industry, helping connect you to opportunities to leverage your research to greater impact.

Partner Engagement and Market Research:
We help find commercial and industrial partners and determine your place in the broader market
Business Plan and Marketing Consulting:
We help you develop business plans and marketing materials for your scientific entrepreneurial goals

Outreach and Community Engagement

We develop avenues for you to engage your community, media, and the broader public to communicate your research and the larger science beyond it.

Scientific Storytelling:
We develop engaging narratives that communicate technical ideas in a compelling manner
Community Engagement Planning:
We design a full community engagement/outreach plan that best leverages your science and maximizes its impact
Media Development:
We produce content to help engage the public with your science in the most effective medium for your message, with our in-house filming, recording, and editing services